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A Parent’s Reality

Did our parents have to worry this much while raising us? With the recent tragedies that America and it’s citizens have faced, I can’t help but think about what our country will look like in a year. Even a month, who knows. I’m not so much concerned for myself as I am for my own daughter. How do I raise her in a world filled with so much hate and division?

We live in a country that’s divided by the things that are supposed to be what it was intended for. I don’t imagine that our Founding Father’s dreamt of our current reality. The reality is that we’ve been divided because of hate. Whether it’s a hate for someone’s religion, sexual preference, skin color or beliefs – it’s the foundation of every tragedy we’ve seen recently. I find it extremely important that justice is served in each case, but i also find it equally important that these sick acts aren’t JUSTIFIED.

One of the hardest parts of being a parent (to me), is that I will not always be there to hold my child’s hand. I won’t always be there to protect her, or tell her any different. I just have to hope and pray that she absorbs what we teach her. It makes me incredibly sad that the monsters that commit crimes are someone’s son or daughter. Can you imagine being the parent of that person? I cannot. I place no blame on these parents, but it makes me think quite a bit about how I need to raise my daughter.

Raising a child in this country is scarier than it should be. There are so many things that I have to worry about, when taking part in a day-to-day routine; or even doing things that are meant to be normal activities.  I shouldn’t have to worry about sex traffickers taking my child from me, or that someone might hurt me or my family because of something we believe in. I shouldn’t have to worry that I could lose friends because they’re gay, or that a shooter could attack the school that I send my child to – but it’s 2016 and this is our reality. 

There are so many things I want to instill in my child(ren). Read below: 

For my child(ren):

I hope you understand how LOVED you are. I hope you know that I am doing my best to raise you. I hope you know that you are my absolute, favorite person on this Earth and I would do anything for you.

I want the best for you, in every situation. I will always support you. I will support you no matter who you love, what you love or how you love. 

Please do not place judgement on others. Do not judge if someone’s skin color is different than yours. Do not judge if you see two men kissing. Do not judge if you see a black person and a white person holding hands. Do not judge if you see a woman with a hijab. Those differences are what makes America so beautiful. Please appreciate that.

Don’t talk down to others, but don’t let others talk down to you. Know when to speak up, and when to stand up for yourself. Know the difference between being confident and being arrogant. Know the difference between being honest and being rude. Speak kindly. 

Respect others, and yourself.

Never forget who you are and where you came from. No matter where we end up in life, we all started somewhere. Do not stray from your beliefs and always try to do the right thing. You will make mistakes, and that’s okay. Don’t justify those mistakes, be real with yourself. You are always going to be your own worst critic – don’t be too hard on yourself.

Most importantly – be thankful for the things you receive, and the life that you live. 



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A Healthier You 

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be healthy, and I thought that writing about it might help to keep me on track a little bit more. Being healthy is so much different than acting healthy. I’ve changed up quite a few things about my lifestyle in order to be healthy and also to see results. Something that I think everyone should know, is that consistency and balance are key when attempting to be healthy. It sounds simple, but it’s not. In order to be consistent and balanced, you must be ready to find a routine. For me, it has been challenging, rewarding and also educating. I’ve learned a lot about time management, a lot about my body, and also a lot about the health and fitness world that we are all get a little consumed in sometimes. I try to not “obsess” over being a health freak or gym rat, but I completely understand how easy it is to be obsessed. I wouldn’t call myself obsessed at all, but I have completely found a routine that makes my days and weeks feel a little bit smoother. I’m finally feeling healthy & not just on a health “kick” that will only last a few days. Most of us don’t know how good our bodies are DESIGNED to feel, and I am finally figuring that out!
With an almost one-year-old, I completely understand how hard it is to get into a routine and stay with it. Once you have a child (ren), it (or they) consume you and your life. I don’t really find that to be a good excuse, though. There really is no excuse for being unhealthy and lazy. No doctor would ever prescribe either of those. For those of you that don’t know me as well, I also work at a gym. I am constantly inspired by mothers at my gym. One of them is extremely fit, an avid gym goer, a wife, and also a mother of 4. All under the age of 5. One of the next biggest inspirations at my gym is one of our instructors. She’s an instructor, a cop, and a mother of two. She has an awesome weight loss story and it’s truly inspiring to listen to her talk about it and see how far she’s come and how happy she is. Whenever I see  either of them at the gym, I’m reminded that if they can do it, I can do it.

Enough rambling🙂

Here are some things that I did to create a routine, and also maintain it.

    Gym friends are the best friends. I’ve met a lot of great people from my gym. It’s great because they ask me to workout with them, we plan to meet at the gym, and most importantly, it holds me accountable to be there. It’s so much easier to get into the gym if you have someone depending on you to be there. If you’re from my area, get a hold of me and we can go together!
    This one has been a constant struggle for me. As I mentioned earlier, consistency is so, so important. Getting into a routine isn’t just something that can be done in a day. It takes time.

    1. What I’ve learned about this is how much it helps to write things out. At the beginning of the week, I like to write out what times I’m going to go to the gym. I’ve found that it’s pretty hard to get out of your mind once you see it as a part of your schedule. It seems to hold me accountable for going.
    2. Your eating habits need to be consistent too. Weaning yourself off of sugary, processed, high-sodium foods isn’t exactly the easiest, but it’s completely possible. The more sugar you put into your body, the more your body wants it. This is why meal prepping is a great idea, especially if one of your excuses for not eating during the week is because you’re too busy. By having a meal already made or ready to be made, you’re preventing yourself from “grazing” and filling up on snacks with no nutritional value.  I always make sure to have skinless & boneless chicken breasts ready for the week. My go to meal is a chicken quesadilla with whole wheat tortillas. Find the recipe here. With all of that being said, MAKE A GROCERY LIST. This has improved my shopping habits by a ton. Only get what you need. Another tip for grocery shopping – stay out of the inside isles. There is nothing good for you in there. Stick around the perimeter with the produce/dairy/meats. There’s a reason they make the perimeter area cold – it’s to suck you inside to all the unhealthy junk! Don’t fall for it!
    Body measurements are a great way to see your results and track your progress. I’ve seen my numbers go up, and I’ve also seen them go down. Being able to actually see that I lost a pound, or that I gained more lean muscle is really cool. It reassures me that everything I’m doing is working. I meet with my nutritionist about 2 times a month to go over progress, body measurements, meal planning and new recipe ideas. I am able to figure out what I need to eat for MY body. Don’t forget that we all have different bodies and requirements.Email me at elizabethn@goodlifefit.com to find out how to get a free nutrition consultation and also get free week at my gym!
    If you don’t have one, get one. In this lovely folder of mine, you’ll find notecards with recipes, a gym schedule of classes, my body measurements, inspiration and a food log journal. I keep this in my kitchen so it’s always in sight. For the food journal, I try to write out what I eat during the week. Surprise, surprise, another thing that holds me accountable. Once you write out that you ate donuts for 3 meals straight, you never wanna write it again (joking, kinda). I can also go to this folder for inspiration when I feel like I’m gonna slip from my routine.
    The hardest one of them all. It can be so easy to compare and pick yourself apart. Stop.doing.that. I find myself doing it when I don’t even mean to do it. We’re always going to have and find things that we don’t like about ourselves, but talking negatively about it isn’t going to change it, at all. Instead of shaming yourself, or others about their bodies, be positive about it. If you’re going to the gym, eating healthy, grocery shopping smarter, then you are TRYING. Don’t be the person that laughs or takes a picture of a bigger person at the gym. They are attempting to help themselves. Help them, encourage them. Remember that for yourself as well. Putting yourself down, when you know you’re making an effort, isn’t going to help in your efforts. A positive and healthy mind is a large factor in being healthy.


Feel free to ask me any questions about my eating & exercising habits!

ALSO- Please know that it’s okay to eat pizza and chocolate every now and then. I would be lying if I said I stuck to my diet 24/7. Balance it out🙂



Another Year, Another Year to be Better

You know when parent’s say “it goes by fast” when talking about their kids growing up? I am here to completely agree with that. It’s been NINE months since Quinn has been with us. I find it so hard to believe that she’s been here as long as I carried her. As we enter 2016, I have so much to reflect back on and think about. 2015 was such a fast year; full of ups and downs, but we powered through it. I went through a lot as a 23/24 year old, and a lot as a mother. I had good days, along with bad days. Most importantly, I grew so much as a person. I found things I liked and disliked, along with what I was passionate about/what inspired me. My most favorite thing about being a creative is that nobody can stop me or limit my thoughts. There isn’t a yes or no; right or wrong. There is always a way I can use my creativity to get a point or message across.

I know this year is going to go by quickly but I am so excited to see what 2016 has in store for my family and I.

I usually set pretty basic New Year’s Resolutions but this year I put more thought into it and am ready to go. I got my new planner (planners are my favorite) and my resolutions are all written out at the back of it so when 2016 is over, I can look and see if I followed through.


Read below for my resolutions and tips to achieving these or your own!


Read one book (or more) per month.

I don’t read near as much as I should, mostly because I like to use the excuse that I don’t have time. Dumb excuse. I have plenty of time. Generally when I do, I am wasting it by being on my phone, watching movies or doing something that I don’t need to be doing. Reading is a great outlet for me and I want to read more. It triggers my imagination and makes me think about things that I might not normally think about. With that being said, I will need a LOT of book recommendations because I am a fast reader. My book for January is called “What She Knew” by Gilly MacMillan. If you’re like me and like Criminal Minds type stuff, you’ll love this book. It’s about a recently divorced mother of an 8 year old who loses her son one day while walking their dog in the park. The tragedy turns on her and the mother becomes the suspect, because of how she acted in interviews and press conferences. I’m only half way through it but I am really intrigued and anxious to find out what happens! What are some of your favorite books?


“What She Knew” – Gilly MacMillan

Read the news every  morning and night.

This should be something that everyone does. That means looking into it more than just scrolling by something on Facebook or Twitter.  I usually do a pretty good job staying informed but I could be better about it. Even if that means that I have to set a reminder on my phone to do so, I will. For those of you that have Apple devices and want to join me with this resolution, the “News” app that comes installed is AWESOME. You have the option to filter the channels and topics. I want to be more informed about politics and what’s going on in the Middle East, so I just click on those. It’s pretty simple to use and you don’t have to switch from app to app. You can also save articles if you want to read something later or come back and look at it. Don’t be the person who has no idea what’s going on in the world. Especially don’t be the person who leaves Facebook comments on news articles.😉

Write more.
Writing is obviously something that I enjoy doing, even in my free time. For this one I have two different goals. My first one is to write at least one blog per week, so if you have any topic ideas, let me hear them! My next one is to write in a journal everyday. When I was pregnant, I use to write in a little journal, mostly because I had too much going on in my brain and nothing to do with it. It was a huge stress reliever and it’s interesting to look back on. Writing is another thing that makes me think and makes me feel like I’m being somewhat productive.

Send family and friends more mail.
Now that my friends are I are all adults, there’s not much fun in checking the mail. I know how much I love getting cards and packages in the mail, so I want to do that for my family and friends! I made sure to write all of my friend’s birthdays and anniversaries in my planner so I can see who I should send cards to at the beginning of the month. It’s a simple way to show someone you’re thinking of them and it will surely make their day! My favorite place to find stationary, along with party planning items is a little boutique store in Lincoln called LetterBee Paperie. They have so many cute things, along with customizable items. The story behind the name of the boutique is pretty adorable as well! Their Instagram page [@letterbeepaperie]is one of my favorites to follow – give them a follow!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.39.33 PM

Screenshot from @letterbeepaperie

Be healthy, consistent and balanced.

Eating healthy is one thing, but to actually be healthy is another. To me, that means being consistent and staying balanced. It’s okay to have pizza and beer and donuts every once in a while. I wouldn’t do life without them. On the flip side, that means that if I want to eat like crap for a day, I better be ready to get my butt into the gym to make up for it. Post-baby, my body doesn’t allow me to shove crap into my mouth 24/7 without feeling and seeing the negative effects. I work at a gym, so I am constantly reminded how important my health is. I want to be there to see Quinn grow up and get married and have babies. I would hate to miss out on the most important moments of her life because of unhealthy decisions I made in my younger years. With that being said, I need to make healthy, consistent and balanced decisions when it comes to eating and exercise. If you’re working out and eating fast food every day, you’re doing it wrong. Nutrition is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle.

At our holiday party for the gym, one of the owners said something that has stuck with me since – “Once you lose your health, you’ll do anything to get it back” (-Steve Auxier, Good Life Fitness). I think about that and how true it is. I can’t imagine losing my great health because I know I would do whatever it took to get it back. Our health isn’t something we should take for granted, we NEED it. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s body or “want” their body. Focus on your eating and exercise habits and you will have the body you want.

Follow me on Pinterest to find healthy recipes and workout ideas!

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Happy New Year to everyone who read this far! I hope that you have come up with some resolutions of your own. If my resolutions interested you, let me know so we can share ideas and tips for sticking to them throughout the year. Also, feel free to share YOUR resolutions with me, I would love to hear them!



When it finally registered in my brain that I was going to be a mother, I started to wonder about everything I needed. I actually had no idea. What do babies absolutely need? What brand of products are the best? How are first time mothers suppose to know this kind of stuff!? I relied heavily on the internet and my mom. The internet actually made it kind of hard. A big piece of advice for all you mothers-to-be : stay away from Instagram. Instagram is so awesome, but filled with SO many things that no baby actually needs. The internet in general is filled with that. Your best bet is probably to ask your mother, aunt, or grandmother. They raised us (and others) with much less than we have available to us now. I had a request for some advice/information about what to register for while expecting, so here are some of the necessary things that you should register for!

P.s. – you do NOT need a wipe warmer.

DIAPERS.  My advice with this one is to find a brand that you feel comfortable with. Ask your friends that have kids. Don’t rely on reviews from the internet – there are too many. We decided to go with Pampers Swaddlers and almost 8 months in, we haven’t looked back. I like them because they seem to hold more, for longer. They also are more expandable when putting them on, which covers more area. There are things that I will go the cheaper route with, but so far I haven’t done that with diapers. I am a big believer in “you get what you pay for.” I’m sure the off brand of Pampers are great, but I haven’t explored that route yet.

WIPES. My brand preference for these has changed a little bit. I originally was using Pampers wipes but once I used Huggies wipes, I switched. In my opinion, the Pampers wipes dried up quicker than Huggies. Huggies stayed moist (sorry for using that word), and I didn’t have to use as many in a poopy situation. Since Quinn didn’t have any skin irritations or reactions to wipes, we tried out the Target brand of Huggies wipes and we got a LOT of wipes for a cheaper price, they should last a while. My only negative thing about the Target brand is that they are a lot thinner so sometimes I have to use more. Again, that goes with “you get what you pay for.” We will most likely switch back to Huggies for the quality of the wipes. Sidenote: The cucumber kind smells amazing! Also, sorry for saying Huggies 6 times. 7.

DIAPER PAIL. This is important. We have the Playtex Diaper Genie and it is a savior. It holds around 270 diapers, which is disgusting to think about. The bag somehow keeps the smell from escaping and once you throw it away, you won’t smell it again. You have to buy the bag refills but they are inexpensive and last anywhere from 3-4 weeks. It would probably last a lesser amount of time in the beginning if you’re home all the time, but once they go to daycare (if they do), the bags will start to last longer. Also, the bags don’t have to be the Playtex brand. Target saved the day once again and came out with their own brand that fits the Diaper Genie, for a more affordable price.

BOON COUNTERTOP BOTTLE DRYING RACK. I am obsessed with this product. It literally looks like grass, made for drying baby accessories. The “grass” blades make it easy to stick bottles or accessories of any shape and size. It’s a two piece item which makes it super easy to wash. The bottom part is a tray that collects the excess water. It’s also great because it’s square and looks modern. I’ve seen it in green and clear, we have the clear one. It looks a lot nicer, in my opinion, than a regular drying rack! We got ours from Suite Child in Kearney, NE. Suite Child is one of my favorite baby boutiques that I’ve discovered so far.  They have an endless amount of products, all of them are adorable and useful. EXPECTING MAMAS: YOU CAN REGISTER AT THEIR STORE!

Sidenote: Boon also makes a lot of really cool baby toys!


NOSE FRIDA. If you’re not familiar with a Nose Frida, you are about to be grossed out. DON’T BE! It is a little snot sucker that you can control the pressure on…with your mouth. I’m not kidding. It’s just a tube that has a little filter in it that prevents the snot and/or germs from getting in your mouth. I know this sounds absolutely disgusting, but this thing works so much better than a regular snot sucker! It’s a completely natural product, but more importantly it’s a doctor recommended, SAFE product for both you and your sweet babe. I never would have tried this if the doctors at Children’s Hospital wouldn’t have given us one to try out! It’s also super easy to wash. 10/10.

nose frida.jpg

BOPPY. The boppy is changing lives, one baby at a time. This pillow is no ordinary pillow. Breastfeeding mothers – this is a MUST for you. It’s a curved pillow that’s shaped to fit around your stomach while holding/feeding the baby. The boppy makes it so much easier to hold the baby in a position that’s comfortable for you both. It’s also made to use for tummy time and to prop the baby. I personally liked using ours the most when Quinn was learning to sit up. I could put it around her and I knew if she tipped over, she would have a soft landing. They make so many different pillow cases for these, in pretty much any design. Target, Wal-Mart, etc. all have them, but if you are an Etsy fan, be sure to search boppy covers and you will have a hay day!


Quinn propped up on her Boppy!

PACK N’ PLAY. I really didn’t care if I had one of not, but I am really glad we got one. Now that Quinn is on the go and pulling herself up, I am especially happy to have one. It’s great for traveling or if a friend is watching the baby that doesn’t have kids of their own! I don’t think I need to provide much description here but I highly recommend a pack n’ play.

BIBS. I don’t think I really registered for many of these. They’re like bobby pins. I feel like whenever I need one, I can’t find one, and whenever I don’t need one, they are EVERYWHERE. Ha. Stock up on these so you always have a clean one, especially when you need to pack some with you! Same with burp rags!

HEALTHCARE/SAFETY KIT. This is something you don’t really think of but I use ours all the time. It’s a little travel size bag with a nose sucker (replace with Nose Frida), fingernail clippers, baby files, a thermometer, and a brush. It’s so helpful, easy to store & also easy to take on the go!

BABY BATH. We received our baby bath from a friend and I love it. It’s really nice to be able to put the baby bath in the normal bathtub. It makes things a lot easier and it holds the baby. The seat can be adjusted to have them laying more or sitting up more. We’ve used ours since Quinn was an itty bitty baby to now, at 8 months!


I promise she actually does enjoy bathtime!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


BOTTLES & PACIFIERS. Bottles and pacifiers are two things that you have to have trial and error with. All babies are completely different when it comes to what they like to drink out of it and if they like pacifiers. My daughter doesn’t like pacifiers, so I haven’t had to use them at all. Bottles we’ve tried a few different kinds. She hasn’t had any latching issues either. My preference for bottles is the Playtex VentAire bottles. They are curved and have a little blue part (no idea what its called) that helps to prevent extra air from getting in while they’re drinking. They are also super easy to clean and take part/put together. Again, that is my own preference, every baby will take a bottle differently, so you just have to get a few at first to see what they like!

CAR SEAT COVER – I didn’t think I needed one of these but after having to carry around Quinn in the cold, I treasure mine. Milk Snob is a brand/company that I came across on Instagram that I have fallen in love with. The covers are made by a mother who wanted something more versatile for her own baby. If you check out the website, you’ll see that it can be used as a car seat cover, a nursing cover, a stroller cover, A SCARF, and even a grocery cart lining for the baby to sit in. The Milk Snob covers have a breathable fabric so it’s not going to trap excess heat in their. Not only do they do the job, but they are also SO cute and fashionable. These are great for trendy mothers who care about the looks of their baby items, but want something that is easy to use. Did I mention you can use it as a scarf!?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


ROCK N PLAY – This product by Fischer Price was recommended to us by some of our good friends who had recently had a baby. We used the heck out of ours. It’s perfect for the newborn that isn’t quite ready for a crib or their own bedroom yet. Better yet, it’s super easy to fold up and very lightweight. The Rock N’ Play is a vibrating sleeper AND playtime rocker that holds up to 25 lbs. It’s also nice because the fabric is removable if you want/need to wash it. The incline of the rocker makes it comfortable for the baby to sleep in, and the vibrating is just a bonus. Do they make this in adult size or..?

LANOLIN – Lanolin is a nipple cream that is most commonly used for breastfeeding mothers. I don’t breastfeed, but I still use this product a LOT. Quinn has teeth popping in, which means she is drooling a LOT. With it being cold, her cheeks and chin started getting chapped. Lanolin is a great product for a chapped face, especially the mouth area because it not only helps soothe, but it is perfectly fine if it gets in their mouths.So before you get rid of all the extra cream you may get, think ahead to those winter months!

I’m sure I missed some necessities, but these are the first ones that came to my mind! I hope this was helpful to all of you expecting mothers, and even those of you that already have babies!



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Evolving to a Mother

Once you have a kid, your life is never the same. Ever. No matter how “normal” you try to make it, it will never go back to how it use to be. This is your new normal. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I was a year ago, both mentally and physically. Physically, I was everywhere. I had the complete freedom of going where I wanted, when I wanted. If I needed to run to the store to grab something, I could. If an out-of-town friend told me to come there, I could just get up and go. These days, it is much, much different. Mentally, my brain was everywhere. Especially during pregnancy. I could go from excited to sad to mad to happy in a short matter of seconds. These days, I find myself still figuring out my emotions. I am happy on most days, but sometimes I find myself struggling with my new normal. It sound selfish, but it sucks not being able to get up and go do things that I use to take for granted. Going to the store is now a chore, finding time to see my friends is limited, and “me” time rarely happens. The thing I struggle with the most, is the social aspect of my life. I use to see my friends pretty much everyday. Not being able to do that is hard for me and I have major FOMO (fear of missing out).

Here are my top six (sorry it’s a weird number) things that have changed and will never be the same again since becoming a mother.

6. Morning Routine. 
L.O.L to sleeping in/waking up and having enough time to get your child ready + yourself. Nope. I can get ready, but usually it’s in about 15 minutes and I’m out the door. (usually late). Showers are a completely different subject but I will cover that here too. Let me start off by saying that I actually hate showers. If I don’t wash my hair (which I never do) I am trying to keep my hair from getting wet. If I do wash my hair, well that’s the problem. If you’ve never seen my hair, I have an outrageous, thick amount. It takes a lot of shampoo and a lot of time. Shaving? HA. Last night I gave Quinn a bottle and took a shower in the amount of time that she finished it. So that tells you a lot about my time management skills. If you’re a morning person AND good at managing your time, I bow down to you.

5. Shopping.
I love shopping. I love clothes, jewelry, make-up, etc. These days, it’s rare that I go into a store to buy something for myself, and come out with something for myself. If there is anything baby related, especially clothes, you can bet that I will manage to buy a million things, all for Quinn. I think I have more of a shopping problem with her than I ever have for myself. HOWEVER – I have a new addiction to a boutique called Bangle Boulevard Boutique. Their clothes are trendy and SO comfy. They have clothes for people who like simple pieces, and clothes for people who like more detailed pieces.  Check out my sweater dress in this picture below. I want to live in it forever. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want everything (Christmas is right around the corner!) Use my code, “MOMANDBACK” to get 20% off!


“Don’t Rain on My Parade” sweater dress from Bangle Boulevard Boutique.

4. Going out.
Every mom & dad needs a drink every once in a while (aka everyday). The game completely changes once you become a parent. Either you go out & are constantly worrying about your kid(s) and can only stay out a few hours..OR.. you have your parents watch them overnight but a) are still worrying and b)know the entire time you’re drinking that a hangover + taking care of a kid is the purest form of hell that has ever existed. You can’t win ’em all.

3. Driving. 
I already had road-rage before I had a child, but it’s a whole new level of road rage when Quinn is with me. There are several times when someone has been riding my tail and I have contemplated stopping my car, and getting out to tell the person to stop driving like a psycho. THERE IS A CHILD IN MY CAR. The mama bear in me is not nice and I feel bad for whoever I have to release my road rage on. My backseat driving is also on a new level. I think my boyfriend can agree with me on that. I’m really good at telling him how fast he should be going, what we should be listening to with Quinn in the car, asking why he is taking the slowest route possible, and reminding him that there is a stop sign/red light coming up.

2. My brain.

I am constantly in the mindset where my daughter comes first. When someone tries to make plans with me, I make sure that it will work with Quinn’s schedule. “Does it mean she can’t be to bed on time? Sorry can’t come.” Most of my friends have become okay with this and it’s normal for them to involve Quinn in whatever they are about to say before saying it. I’m thankful that my friends are always thinking of her too! My brain (and most mother’s brains) will never be the same after having a child. They are constantly on your mind, whether you’re just thinking of them or worrying about them. I finally understand why my mom was always texting me to see where I was/who I was with/what I was doing. I hate myself for how much I put my parents through and if karma is real, I am in for a r e a l treat.

1. Packing.
I was only going to post 5 of these but I thought of this one. I don’t know about you guys, but I am the  biggest over-packer of all time. That was before having a kid to pack for. Now, it’s like I can’t stop packing, but not for myself. I find myself under-packing for myself and packing Quinn’s entire closet/dressers/kitchen needs/hair stuff/bath stuff. Stuff that I know for a fact she isn’t going to need but I’m like “what if?” Is she really going to need these bath toys? No. Does she really need ALL of her headbands for this 3 day trip? No. Am I going to paint her nails while we are there? Not a chance, but I might want to. I have become a psycho mom when it comes to this. SHE DOESN’T NEED 60 BLANKETS OR OUTFITS. I always am justifying it by  “what if she has a blowout? and then another one after that?” or “she doesn’t really need a dress but what if it gets super warm and all I have are long sleeves and pants?” I mean, we do live in Nebraska, but what is wrong with me?! I need to stop. Whenever we go to my parents, it’s guaranteed that my dad will make a comment about the amount of bags I have for just her. Better safe than sorry, right!?



It wouldn’t make sense to have this lifestyle blog without telling you a little bit about me, my life, and my people.

Outfit from Be Yourself Boutique

Sweater, Leather Leggings & Tassle Necklace from Be Yourself Boutique – Lincoln, NE

So for starters, I just turned 24 in September. I was raised in a small town in the middle of Nebraska. After I graduated high school in 2009, I moved to Lincoln for college at UNL. It took me about two years to decide on a major, but I finally fell in love with Advertising and Public Relations. During the last semester of college, I found out I was pregnant. I won’t lie, it was R O U G H. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but being pregnant on top of pulling all nighters and going to class was hell for me. I powered through and proudly graduated last December, at a time when I was feeling very uncertain about life. Since graduation I’ve found more of my passion for creativity and networking. I currently work as a Brand Manager for a salon.I LOVE my job.

How I spend some of my time at "work"

How I spend some of my time at “work”

I’ve become extremely close with the girls I work with, I have a lot of freedom when it comes to making work related decisions, and the best part – my creativity is never limited. As the brand manager, I get to run our Facebook & Instagram pages, build relationships with clients, network with other Lincoln business owners, use my creativity for photos, create goals and work towards meeting them, plan fun events, and so much more.


The most fun part for me though, is watching people I don’t know leave the salon feeling beautiful. There is nothing better than seeing a person love them self, especially in a society where we are told not to. I never, in a million years, imagined myself working in the hair world. I honestly didn’t care much about my hair and half the time it was on top of my head. While having this job, I am constantly learning about hair. Whether it’s the vocabulary, our products or how to style my own hair, it’s been a great learning experience for me. (I do care about my hair now, btw).

Onto Jesse, my boyfriend. Like all couples, we’ve had our ups and downs. I would be lying if I said we have always had the perfect relationship. The last year proved to be the toughest year for us, but coming out strong with him has shown me how much I need him in my life. Jesse and I met in January of 2012 at a friend’s 21st birthday. It wasn’t until May 2012 that we started talking, and by July, he was my boyfriend. He has always been there for me, and always been able to put a smile on my face. Currently, Jesse works as an Account Manager for Pepsi. He grew up in a small Nebraska town about 2 1/2 hours away from Lincoln. Jesse and I have a million + inside jokes, and I don’t think there is anyone who knows me better than him. I think many would agree that Jesse has one of the kindest souls, ever. His selflessness and calmness attract me more and more, everyday.

Bohac Photography

Bohac Photography

Three years later, here we are, with our own little family. A family of three. On April 8, 2015 we introduced the world to our own little girl, Quinn Monroe. Since day one of her life, we have fallen in love with her a million times over and it never stops. Quinn is a little over seven months and has given us a whole new meaning to life. She is the happiest little girl I’ve ever known, and it seems impossible to have a bad day with her in my life. We’ve gone through some scary things as her parents, but we all keep each other strong. It’s been amazing to watch her change over the last seven months. From finding her feet, learning to crawl and stand up, to her first tooth popping in, it has been an endless time of happiness.

A lot of times when I hear parents say that it’s hard to be a parent, I question the word “hard.” I do agree that it’s hard, but for me, it’s a completely different type of hard. It’s a kind that I enjoy, a kind that I would go through anything just  to be a part of for Quinn. I also agree that being a mother or father is a full time job. There always seems to be something that needs to be done, with no time to do it, or no time in the world for a nap – when all that is needed is a little shut-eye. I think that’s the most exciting part of motherhood, being on the edge of your toes at all times for that one special little person who needs YOU more than anything else in the world. Being a mother to Quinn is the best job I’ve ever had and 100% of what makes me Elizabeth.

Bohac Photography

Bohac Photography

Bohac Photography

To the Mom & Back

Let me start out by saying : I am not the perfect mother, nor person. I make mistakes, I question my judgement, and am constantly asking for advice. This is my first time being a mother and it’s my most favorite thing that I’ve ever done. Quinn brings so much happiness into my life, a kind that no other person on this earth could ever do. I think I was the last person people expected to get pregnant, but now people associate me with Quinn; it’s never just me.

I started a blog last year but it never had much direction. Since I was pregnant, I have been wanting to blog more, but never found the time to do it and wasn’t sure what I would even write about. Now that Quinn is 7 months old, I’m finding that the topics are endless. I’m learning new things and always having thoughts about being a mother. I am starting this blog because there aren’t many places to ask questions or talk about problems without feeling judged, especially when it comes to parenting. Having a child for the first time came with a lot of fear. The fear of making mistakes, not knowing how I would do things, and the thought of having my own human to raise. If it weren’t for other friends and family members to help me, I wouldn’t have even made it this far without losing my mind.

I want everyone to feel okay asking questions or for advice. I want to be able to help other mothers/mothers-to-be. I don’t know everything and I know I still have a LOT to learn, but I have learned more in the past 7 months than I’ve ever learned before.

Motherhood is by far the most beautiful thing I’ve been apart of. I’ve learned that it’s hard to find a place (especially on the internet) to be completely honest about parenting without getting harassed for your choices. Being a mom isn’t easy and no one should have to feel bad for raising their child different than someone else. I hope everyone feels welcome by reading my blogs & I am very welcome to suggestions, opinions and ideas on what I should write about!

With that being said, what would YOU like to read about!?